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Tori Tori Panic!

August 26-28, 2016

Music, Sound Design | Fakebit, Jazz | Stealth / Archer / Puzzle


Tori Tori Panic! Is an action stealth game where you control a prehistoric hunter trying to snipe his next meal.

This was the first game for which I did sound design. I used a mix of Foley and synthesis to make the arrow sounds (e.g. flicking a ruler, filtered white noise). For the bird sounds, I recorded my teammates and I making squawking noises, then applied some heavy downsampling and warping to make it more chip-like and bird-like.

As for the music, I composed it in a chiptune-esque Rnb style, with a bright and playful groove, to match how the game looked and felt.

Read the postmortem blog post here.

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