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January – May 2016

Winner, Most Innovative Game - GDIAC Intro Division

​Music, Code | Warm, Rhythmic, Atmospheric | Rhythm-Puzzle-Platformer


I composed all the pieces for the game except for the last level’s music. I wanted to make music that was different from that of other rhythm games, where the music is mostly 4-on-the-floor drum beats.

To do this, I was careful with the music’s dissonance / consonance and timbre to match the game’s warm and glowy aesthetic. I also made the music relatively simple, catchy, and repetitive rhythm wise, so players could easily tap out the rhythm.

Each checkpoint loops a phrase of music; when the player reaches a new checkpoint, it adds new layers of music or alters existing layers so that while some themes/motifs are kept constant and recognizable, the song still progresses and changes with the level.

You can play the game here:

and download the soundtrack here.


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