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Angry Bots Audio Demo

Interactive Music Demo

Sound Design Demo

September 2016 – February 2017

Music, Sound Design | Dark, Ambient, Tech | Scifi / Shooter


Unity Demo from Berklee Online course ‘Game Audio Production with Wwise’. All visuals are part of the template game; Unity and Wwise integration / projects provided by Berklee Online.


I designed the sounds and music in Ableton Live, using a combination of personally recorded and foleyed sounds, as well as modified sounds from the Adobe Sound Library. I then implemented the sounds into the game using Wwise, adjusting their 3D positioning/falloff, looping, blending, and etc.

Music Composition

Musically, I took my influences mainly from Half-Life 2 and Metroid Prime. The music mostly sits on a 7/8 octatonic bass groove, with ambient and robotic synths under reverbs and down-sampling to make it sound empty and machinelike, but still have an air of tenseness. I also composed the music to be loopable, with each music state having random music tracks and layers so that one loop doesn’t get stale.

Interactive Music Demo Audio:

Sound design

The sounds were designed and implemented so that important events such as explosions would stick out, while the ambience and less important events such as footsteps would be less noticed. To achieve this, I tried to make the sounds match the general vibe/characteristics of each environment or object, by tuning features such as what kind of spectral content they contained, or how the sound falls off over distance.

Interactive Music

The music has different states depending on how far the player is in the level, with the earlier states being more subdued and foreboding, and the later states more upbeat and urgent.

In addition, the music changes depending on the player’s health; at high health it plays normally, but as the health drops below a threshold, the normal music starts fading away, with down-sampled music and a static-like drone sound taking over, as well as low-pass filter and reverb effects coming in on all music and sound effects. At the lowest health, everything sounds muted and distant with the low-pass filter and reverb at their highest states.

Lastly, I used Wwise to adjust the transitions between each music state, to ensure the music flows smoothly, as well as tuning the different mixing, looping, and transition/trigger options.

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